Wednesday, 29 January 2014

B Side: Mila Kunis

Supercool: The Rolling Stones

Sexy: Jacqueline Bisset

Cars: Autobianchi Stellina

Modern Sound (New EP):
The Q - Chemical Overload

All tracks written & arranged by The Q:
Tim Vanstone, (Guitar & Vocals),
Mike Veale, (Guitar & Vocals),
Dean Gifford, (Bass Guitar & Vocals),
Shane Blackshaw, (Drums & Percussion)

Chemical Overload from The Q is a masterful 4 track EP full of energy, soul and imagination. Breaking free from their earlier influences The Q have found an edgier attack to their song writing which leaves the listener wanting more and more. Like the first book in a best-selling series of novels, you won’t be able to put this record down. If you’ve not heard of The Q before now I can guarantee that you won’t forget them once you’ve listened to Chemical Overload.
Inspired by 60’s mods and the hard hitting rawness of the ’79 revival scene “Chemical Overload” delivers on all levels. THIS IS A “MUST HAVE” ADDITION TO YOUR RECORD COLLECTION

Available as a Limited Edition Vynil EP from

Tracks also available as digital downloads from iTunes & Amazon

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Soul: The O'Jays

Scooter: Vespa

Fashion: Angie Dickinson

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